You've achieved a lot in your life. You have the credentials to back up your expertise. You know you're meant to do more than work for someone else. However, you're not quite sure where to begin. Can you be successful in creating your practice? Insurance? Ideal clients? Niche? Audits? Ugh, it's all too much--until now!

The University of Private Practice is for you. We've created this platform to help therapists of color to build businesses that will thrive. It is a safe space where you can collaborate with others who will cheer your successes and support you through the rough times. We're different than others because we know the barriers that you'll face and we will help you overcome them to create financial freedom for yourself and generations to come.


Being in private practice is being a business owner. If you fail to understand what it takes to be a business owner, you will not make it in private practice. You can be the most skilled clinician, but it's the business acumen that will be the key to your practice surviving. We'll coach you in implementing business skills that are specific to owning a mental health business. 

Marketing is another skill most clinicians were not taught in graduate school. How will you attract clients to your office if you don't know the fundamentals of marketing? No worries, we'll help you create strategies specific to your niche and get tons of clients calling for your service.

Did you know you could transform your skills, expertise, to create programs and products to scale your practice? Oh yes, you can, and we'll show you how. As your practice grows, you will want to find other ways to create revenue. See how others have accomplished this and put your knowledge to work for you.

Here's what you can expect.


Fundamentals of marketing to attract clients

Build a winning Psychology Today profile that will make potential clients click and call you

Understand the employee mindset vs. the entrepreneurial mindset --getting this will ensure success

How to create your fee. Most people get this wrong. 

Learn the 'profit first' theory to make your practice sustainable

Narrowing and defining your niche based on your passion and experience.

Creating an avatar of your ideal client

Re-defining your skills to develop products and programs to scale your business

Help with the credentialing process and billing fundamentals.

Navigating the legal aspects of private practice

Private pay vs. insurance--the pros and cons of each

Included are weekly group sessions via Facebook with Lisa Savage and Kim Knight. We'll answer your questions using the 'live' format, so you feel confident you're putting the learning to practice. It's also a great way to learn from and get support from others. 

Not new to private practice but struggling to make the revenue you know can make? Here's what we have to offer you: 

Next level marketing--leverage your skills and learn how to promote yourself as a consultant based on your niche

 Consistent income--learn how to set fees that gives you the most return and feels consistent with your expertise. Setting your fees is connected to your emotions and allowing your feelings or past history to interfere in the process will keep you stuck and feeling resentful.

 Financial management--get your books in order. You can't grow if you don't have a good profit and loss statement.

 Work life balance-- Your kids, spouse and hobbies deserve the best of you. Being self-employed can be draining. Reserve time for the other things that matter the most to you. Learn helpful time-management skills to create balance, set boundaries, as well as carving out time for you.

Overcoming the struggles of billing insurance companies--this are can be frustrating and one of the reasons therapists close their doors. Don't let this be you. Learn how to work around common insurance issues so it's not the reason you give up.

The nitty gritty:

We'll start Nov. 15th, 2017, with monthly courses via a learning platform. There will be videos, homework assignments, and examples.  

Each week you will have live Facebook sessions with one of the instructors to answer questions, provide ongoing support and guidance.  

You'll get access to forms, contracts and other resources to make it easier for you to get your practice up and running.  

Fee details:

Monthly membership

You will get all of this and more for $107.00 a month of six months. Wondering how to budget this in? If you gain one client a month, that will pay for your membership. We offer recurring payments so once a month, your card will be debited for $107.00 per month, for six months. You'll enjoy exclusive membership and benefits. 

Individual Strategy Sessions

We get some people work better one on one. Want more intensive Strategy Sessions; we will provide one on one coaching at the cost of $250.00/hour. 

Here's how to think about affording the fee: What's your current fee? If you see two clients a month, won't that pay for your strategy sessions? What do you stand to gain by taking this training? How can you put a price on that? Yes, we're just that confident of our ability to assist you in reaching your goals.

 Perhaps you have something specific you need support with. You want undivided 1-1 support to reach your goals quicker. Maybe what you need is help in attaining a specific goal--get more clients, earn a specific amount, create a specific program using your skills.

Group Strategy Sessions

Find a group of five other like-minded professionals and we'll provide group strategy sessions. This smaller setting will provide you with reaching your goals quicker. Nothing like being held accountable and being inspired by others who are reaching their goals. You'll save and only pay $150.00 per session for 6 weeks. You set your individual goals and we'll work to help you get there with Accountability and action plans 


Still, have questions? Email Lisa @ or Kim at ????

Check out what others are saying about this online training:

The University of Private Practice is an excellent course that provides all the information you can ever want and more to start a successful private practice. You are provided coaching from experts in the field who both empower and motivate you to thrive and succeed . You have direct access to Lisa Savage, who is an amazing coach and practitioner with tons of valuable information .The cost is truly a bargain . I look forward to taking more courses offered by Lisa Savage and I encourage you to do the same! K. Brown

"UPP has been one of the best investments I've made. I cannot say enough positive things about Lisa and this course. This course will be well beyond your expectations." Tasha H.

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